Engro Foods Ltd financial analysis (PK0096501017 - ticker:EFOODS)


The EV/EBITDA ratio is a relevant ratio for financial analysis. Engro Foods Ltd shows a EV/EBITDA ratio of 10.09 for the next 12 months.
This is higher than the median of its peer group: 9.54. According to this financial analysis Engro Foods Ltd's valuation is above its peer group's.
This ratio is lower than the average of its sector (Software): 10.71. According to this financial analysis Engro Foods Ltd's valuation is below its sector's.

Financial analysis of Engro Foods Ltd (PK0096501017 - EFOODS) and its peers

Engro Foods LtdPeer group:Ratios based on Thu, 23 Oct 2014.
Engro Foods Ltd Peer group
Enterprise ValueEV/EBITDARelevance
(in thousands USD) 2015next 12 mthScore
Engro Foods Ltd802 5889.7210.09
Parmalat S.P.A4 370 4047.457.53100%
Vietnam Dairy Produc...4 825 32410.4610.6998%
Morinaga Milk Indust...1 663 4076.506.6590%
Dean Foods Co2 186 7576.597.2486%
Tat Gida Sanayi AS292 1559.239.6186%
China Mengniu Dairy ...9 064 79811.9612.3482%
Engro Foods Ltd Benchmark
next 12 mth
CompanyEngro Foods Ltd10.09
Peer groupEngro Foods Ltd excluded9.54
Engro Foods Ltd included9.55
SectorFood Products10.71
S&P 5009.26
STOXX Europe 6007.56

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